Call Center

Our "Call Center", which is a very effective and important part of Patient Relations Management with special educated staff who are focused on patient satisfaction and who have adopted patient rights, provides quality and fast information that will meet expectations.

Hizmet Hospital’s Call Center Services

  • Making an appointment,
  • Sending the results of the laboratory by fax or e-mail,
  • Responding to appointment requests from the Internet,
  • Providing information about hospitals, policlinics, special procedures and doctors,
  • Giving information about medical examination and examination fees,
  • Providing information about contracted organizations, insurance companies and official institutions,
  • Providing information about transportation to Hospital, Health Center and Polyclinic,
  • Our patients who do not know the related department about their treatment are directed by a consultant doctor,
  • If required, appointments can be reminded to the mobile phone (SMS) 1 day in advance.

Advantages of Hizmet Hospital’s Call Center

  • You will benefit to access to the Call center 365 days 24 hrs.
  • You will be able to have what you need from our hospital and Polyclinic only with a call.
  • You will be directed to the correct division in the direction of your request through the consultant doctors.
  • You can easily make an appointment from your home and your workplace via call or e-mail.
  • You can receive your laboratory results by fax or e-mail without visiting our hospital again.
  • You will be able to tell your suggestions and complaints and let them to be forwarded to the relevant departments.
  • You will get the quality and fast service that you desire.